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Circulo Barroco Macramé Pattern Book
  • Brand: Circulo
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In this e-book, the star, Barroco Macramé, brings all the art of this ancient technique, which is successful and inspires people to this day.

Barroco Macramé is one of Circulo's most beloved yarns and is used for decoration pieces and accessories.

This yarn, which is already famous for its beautiful creations and versatility, gains even more prominence with this excellent release.

The Barroco Macramé yarn is made of 100% cotton with a 4mm thickness. In addition, it comes in natural colour (undyed) and ten more solid colours.

If you love this technique, you're already in love with our new release, so get even more inspired by the patterns in this e-book!

Start getting your hands dirty with the Barroco Macramé 4mm edition and give wings to your imagination to create the most beautiful pieces.