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Handmayk Baby Alpaca Merino DK Yarn (Undyed)
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Baby Alpaca Merino DK is a beautiful blend of baby alpaca and merino wool.

Baby Alpaca is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.

It is incredibly warm, lightweight and strong.

It has hypoallergenic properties, and it contains no lanolin, which makes the fibre safe to wear if you have skin allergies.

Alpaca is said to be three times warmer than sheep wool, and the fibres have excellent insulation properties whilst remaining light and breathable.

Merino fibre is extremely fine; it has a natural elasticity which helps a merino garment stretch yet return back to its original shape.

It also has insulating properties meaning the thinnest of garments create a thermal layer of warmth against the cold.

The wool is mulesing-free and comes from South America.

We recommend using acid or natural dyes.

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