The Phildar® Box

The Phildar® Box

The Phildar® Box

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Say hello to the The Phildar® Box - a collection of Phildar® yarns designed specifically for you to get acquainted with this fab brand at a fraction of the retail price!

So, what exactly is The Phildar® Box? We simply love the Phildar® brand. Phildar® is known worldwide for their quality, elegance, sophistication and style. A relatively new brand to this region, we believe our customers should get the chance to try out their yarns as much as possible and understand the beauty of this brand. The box includes two balls of random colors in each of the following models: Laine Chameau, Lambswool, Partner 6, Phil Douce, Phil Express and Rapido. That makes it a total of 12 balls!

What else does The Phidar® Box contain? Well, more surprises! No fun revealing now is there?

Price? AED 179.00 - that's almost half the retail price, which makes the box an absolute bargain! Please note that the prices do not include shipping fees. For more information on shipping, click here

I bought a box but don't like it. Can I return it? Unfortunately, no. The Phildar® Box is a box designed specifically for you to get acquainted with this fab brand. We love the yarns so much and want our customers to love them as well, and we think you will.

Oh, before we forget... The Phildar® Box comes in either a black or white box with a lid. The box itself can be reused for storage purpose! 

I have further questions... call us, email us, or use the live chat box! We'll be happy to help!

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